13 Things You Do Not Know About Jordan

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1. The Jumpman logo was introduced in 1988 to adapt to Jordan's style, which had become more sophisticated
In the wardrobe of Michael Jordan, in 1988, the tailor's clothes had begun to take the place of the suits. The refined style of the Air Jordan II had laid the foundations on which Tinker Hatfield would design the Air Jordan III. Jordan's most sophisticated style, his love for Italian stylists and American brands had paved the way for the new logo, a redesigned and minimal Jumpman.

2. The Air Jordan III project, at the beginning, was called Air Jordan Revolution
In the early sketches of the designer Tinker Hatfield the Air Jordan III were called Air Jordan Revolution. Hatfield had designed the Air Max (advertised with the "Revolution" campaign) and the Air Revolution basketball shoes. Some encroachment was inevitable. It would have been a good name, as the design of the Jordan III revolutionized the aesthetics of basketball forever (and started the collaboration between Hatfield and Jordan).

3. The elephant print, in the Air Jordan III, was not put only because it was fine
The leather used in the Air Jordan III made the Jordan line more luxurious. But it was not chosen just because it was fine. Jordan himself says that Tinker Hatfield was looking for the right material for a masterpiece. Jordan wanted the shoes to always look new, so he decided to change them every time. There was no time for adaptation, it took a shoe ready for the game just out of the box. Hetfield thought that the treated elephant skin (a thing never seen in the basketball world) could be the right choice, because it would have resisted all the stress Jordan would have inflicted on him. In short, he was right.

4. The transparent sole of the Jordan V was inspired by Back to the Future
Before the Air Jordan V, the transparent sole was a rarity. Tinker Hatfield was inspired by the Nike Mag, the model he had just created for Back to the Future Part Two. The transparent sole and the reflective detail produced a glow when the cameras flashed them, giving the player even more visibility.

5. Many Air Jordans were inspired by Italian car design
The fluid lines of Italian cars, capable of transmitting strength and speed, were the perfect muses for Air Jordan models. They hold together the game of Michael Jordan and his love for cars. You can see in detail: the "aileron" finish on the ankle of the Air Jordan VI or the ventilation of the XIV and XVIII.

6. Batman's boots in Batman - The return are built on Air Jordan VI
Are you not convinced of Michael Jordan's superhero status? Know that Tinker Hatfield also helped another hero by designing the batman's boots for his 1992 film: he incorporated the Air Jordan VI into a very special shoe.

7. The clean tip of the Air Jordan VI was inspired by Jordan's love for Italian shoes

Michael Jordan loves elegant footwear made by Italian artisans. For this he had asked Tinker Hatfield for a clean-toed shoe. It was easier said than done, because basketball shoes had extra reinforcement for games and training. It would not have been easy to produce it, but in the end the Air Jordan VI would have had that clean tip that would become a recurring element of the series.

8. The Air Jordan VII paved the way for an era of Jordan without the Nike mustache

The design of the Air Jordan VII was very courageous: African-inspired patterns, a unique use of shapes, the new cut at the ankle. It was so personal that the Nike Air brand had been removed from the shoe. It had not been an easy decision, but Tinker Hatfield had understood that the Air Jordan line would have to fly alone. The design would have to speak for itself.

9. Jordan never put the ninth in the field, even if they are at his feet in the statue that was dedicated to him
The Air Jordan IX arrived just when Michael Jordan announced his retirement, so they are not shoes he has ever worn on the court - they would have brought many other athletes though. When Michael Jordan had been immortalized as a statue in Chicago, on November 1, 1994, he had at his feet the Air Jordan IX, which remained fixed in time thanks to bronze and black granite.

10. Spike Lee's favorite Air Jordanis are IX
Although Mars Blackmon, the character of his film Lola Darling (1986), had Air Jordan I, director Spike Lee has said repeatedly that his favorites are the Air Jordan IX.

11. The Air Jordan XII are inspired by women's shoes
The Air Jordan XII is not just the model that Jordan had at his feet when, on 11 June 1997, although ill, he scored 38 points. The sophisticated silhouette is inspired by women's shoes. An unorthodox choice that had allowed Tinker Hatfield to give the model a touch of class.

12. Michael Jordan is nicknamed "Black Cat" since the mid-nineties
In the mid-nineties a friend of Michael Jordan had started calling him "black cat", black cat, because of his feline moves in the field and his predator hunger. After the first sketches, Tunker Hatfield had been guided by the black fact as inspiration for the Air Jordan XIII.

13. The Jordan brand has contracted the first female athlete in 2008
The first to embody the spirit of the team, made of excellence and determination, was April Holmes, an athlete who lost a leg in 2001 and who, as an amputee, won Olympic medals in both Greece and China. Holmes has turned steel into Olympic gold, and continues to break records and motivate everyone.