Air Jordan 3 burst crack Pure white cat

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At the beginning of this year, I was inexplicably fond of AJ. I always felt like a cool girl like me. I should have a pair of AJs, but I have never encountered a price that suits all aspects of the style. Until last month, no opinion brushed an app and saw that there is a recommendation for this pair of Air Jordan 3. As a senior white shoe enthusiast, it was attracted by its pure white appearance.

Ahead of its July release, official images of the Air Jordan 3 “Pure White” have surfaced. Bearing similarities to 2007’s classic “Pure Money” Jordan 3s, the “Pure White” features a summer-ready white tumbled leather upper with perforated detailing around the heel collar and eyelets. A light sail on the heel and toe’s elephant print graphic adds a touch of contrast, and an all-white midsole/icy blue outsole round off the shoe’s clean look. For a final finishing touch, a clear Jumpman hangtag replaces the normal orange version.

What is even more unbearable is that this double AJ is a light blue crystal bottom. The real thing is good to see the burst. I haven’t been willing to wear it for a long time after getting the shoes. This shoe toe and heel classic burst crack not only retains, but also uses beige to render, making it more layered with pure white shoes. The overall upper is made of pure white lychee, which adds a layer of texture to the simple white upper. The Jumpman Logo at the tongue is not dirty. Compared with men's shoes, women's shoes of this type of shoes are more difficult to buy. Probably the boys don't like the white shoes that are not easy to take care of.

I am wearing Air Jordan 3, not only good-looking, but also very comfortable, shopping and wearing it for a day does not feel tired. The white looks clean and versatile, and the sole is thicker and has a very good effect. It is an AJ that is very suitable for girls. But there is a very important problem that these shoes are very difficult to take care of. The soles of the crystal soles will be dirty, and the uppers will be dirty if they are slightly indifferent. When the subway peaks down, it will be basically scrapped. Therefore, there is no The patience of the value of the value of the friend carefully. This pure white Air Jordan 3 in addition to wild, there is a special attribute, you can easily transform it according to the recent hot second painting method!

I remember that Edison Chen’s pure white Air Jordan 3 during the Los Angeles All-Star period attracted the attention of many sneakers and trend-makers. Pure white sneakers have a very high popularity, especially in the summer, almost become The world of small white shoes, think about last year's Air Jordan 4 "Pure Money", one of the must-have items for the summer hipsters! Although white looks simple, it has the magic to control everything, and versa makes it show its uniqueness! The upper is made of pure white pebbled leather, which is comfortable and soft, and looks luxurious. The classic blasting crack of the toe and heel is still preserved, but it is rendered in beige and white, forming a unique layering with the pure white body. The Jumpman Logo at the tongue is embroidered from a metallic silver thread that outlines the classic shape of the trapeze.

Different from the 2007 version, the sole is changed to a light blue crystal outsole, which adds a unique vitality to the pure white body. In addition to the irresistible white dress, the overall texture of the leather also adds a lot of exquisite and stylish, plus silver embroidery, beige cracks, this gorgeous white suit, refreshing and bright Extraordinary eyes are definitely the guarantee of the return rate!

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