Jordan Brand has officially collaborated with professional football clubs: Air Jordan 5 Retro “PSG” basketball shoes

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Jordan Brand has officially collaborated with professional football clubs, and a series of sports, trends and cross-border basketball and football products have appeared. In the eyes of Joe's father, Big Paris has a unique position in the sports and fashion circles, and he and Jordan Brand also have a close relationship with the city of Paris. This time, Joe's father used the "Heavenly Match" to describe. Today's new product appreciation, we selected the Air Jordan 5 Retro "PSG" basketball shoes from a number of joint products to see how the football elements are displayed in this classic sneaker.

Jordan Brand once again joined hands with football. This time, the choice was made by Neymar's club Paris Saint-Germain, the home of the fashion capital. The combination of Jordan Brand and PSG will catch everyone's attention? The answer is yes! Although the football fans will have a very clear "home team" division, the fans of the other teams may be willing to wait and see the purchase of PSG products, but the large number of fans of the big Paris team has a lot of fans, plus the addition of EZer equipment fans, How can such a special Jordan Brand x PSG product be missed. In addition, it must be noted that Jordan Brand has a lot of fans and comes with traffic, and this time the joint name is with a club rather than a player, which makes many basketball fans and AJ fans join the crowd. After the launch of the new product yesterday, many basketball fans and AJ fans expressed their desire to buy a special big Paris two guest jersey, in fact, not surprising.
Going back to this Jordan Brand x PSG Air Jordan 5 Retro basketball shoe, the classic look has added a number of big Paris club elements, design ideas like the previous hot AJ 5 "Supreme" shoes, whether it is AJ powder or football fans The reasons for putting it in the bag are extremely sufficient.

As early as the first half of this year, the Air Jordan 5 "PSG" basketball shoes exposed spy photos on social media. At that time, many shoe fans thought that this foot basket cross-border shoes looked like Air Jordan 5 Black Silver OG. It is similar to Supreme x Air Joradn 5, and it is very attractive to look like a "star face". However, Jordan Brand has not confirmed the release date, which has whipped the fans' appetite, but it is worthwhile to wait for the rich and detailed details of the shoes.

To sum up
For EZer, in the face of such a special joint basketball shoes, there is still some overwhelming, buy it, this is a pair of basketball shoes, do not buy it, this is the limited product of Jordan Brand and Grand Paris. Fortunately, there are many products in this joint series, not just this Air Jordan 5 Retro "PSG" basketball shoes. If you have the identity of AJ powder as EZer, or you usually wear basketball shoes, then this AJ5 PSG is worth starting. If you are still a fan of Paris Saint-Germain, then there is nothing to say, just pay for it!

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