Gradient in the end! James on the feet of the new black and red color LeBron 15!

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With the opening of the new season, LeBron 15, James' latest generation of boots, has also officially met us. In the recent game, a pair of shoes appeared in the LeBron 15 new color, attracting the attention of the majority of Sneakerhead! A pair of shoes appeared in the Nike LeBron 15 new color, attracting the attention of the majority of Sneakerhead!


At first glance, these shoes still follow the rough style of the 15th generation. The woven fabric is thick and the overall shoe shape is strong and round, just like James's own physique. The upper is still a custom-made fabric BATTLEKNIT+FLYWIRE dynamic lace binding configuration for Zhanhuang himself, achieving a high-order power-type wrapping. The forefoot is ZOOM, and the back is a large-capacity MAX AIR. This configuration is the classic James low-key signature shoe configuration. The arch part was slightly sunken, not a whole sole, but it was not so James.


The value of the inside of the shoe body, because of the extra LOGO, I feel affected, I still do not know why NIKE is so unconfident, need to add a more mark on the inside of the foot, but I think that position can really be more concise. The other visible is the 5 shoelace holes, which is actually one less than the high-top, which is relatively less than the package feeling of the crotch. A sponge on the heel can't add more wrap, and it's a bit of a practical use.


Battleknit fabric shoe body adopts new building in red light and shade interweave, supplemented by ornament USES leather shoes before and after, the most eye-catching is the bottom in red and black gradient, from LeBron 15 red shoes head natural transition ahead to heel diamond cutting model of the black TPU, full of passion and ambition. Currently there is no market information release, we will pay close attention.

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